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Downloading 80s mp3s or any other mp3s on the internet: an 80sPlanet Advisory Guide
A brief advisory look at downloading music on mp3/wma, etc on the internet from 80sPlanet:

There are many free music resources available on the internet, if you look hard! The following guide hopes to offer impartial advice on the possible impact of downloading music to your computer, and suggests possible ways to stay inside the law, whilst enjoying your favorite music!

"Ripping" internet radio streams:

Its possible to simply record an internet radio station, much in the same way, as in years gone by, where one would record from the traditional radio.
There are some sophisticated ways of doing this, but its something we advise against because:

1) Ripping internet radio is illegal.

2) It actually threatens the existence of your favorite internet station! The "powers that be" will cite 'stream ripping' as an excuse to legislate against internet radio. At the very least, it could lead to increased royalty rates for stations such as 80s planet. These could easily put internet radio stations out of business.

3) Even if you do it, the results will be poor. 80s Planet, for example employs technical tricks to ensure that any recordings of the songs we play will sound unlike the original when played back. In addition, stream ripping is the primary reason for the huge amount of station IDs between and over the records we play.

So next time you think we ID too often, you will know why
. Stream rippers actually spoil everyone's enjoyment in the end!
Downloading mp3 music from Torrents, Pirate music sites, RapidSh*re and so on

From time to time, internet sites appear that can offer totally free mp3 downloads, or thousands of songs on mp3 or wma
for a small subscription (really small, like a few dollars). We advise to keep clear of these sites. Yes, it does seem like a total
bargain - but anything that is too good to be true - often is! Ask yourself if you are willing to trust your paypal info with someone that is blatantly stealing and copying music. What they are doing is effectively selling someone else's product, and its often
simply a matter of time before such sites are closed down. When they go, your money goes with them, so, be warned!

In addition, you should consider the possibility that a file downloaded from an unknown source (be it an mp3 file download from a dubious website, torrent, whatever) can include a nasty virus or backdoor software that will sliently and automatically run on your computer, making your private information vulnerable, or sending thousands of emails from your email software without
permission or warning. Conclusion: Never run any file if you are not 100% sure it doesnt contain a virus or other mailicious software - any file at all, and this includes mp3 music download files!
Conclusion of downloading music on the internet:

Having looked at the potential traps of downloading music on the internet, we can advise the following:

1) If you are paying nothing, or next to nothing per mp3 download, the download is probably illegal!

2)Use a reputable source for downloading mp3s. There are a few, and they are quite famous. The list includes iTunes, and some high-street names also
offer a music download service. Expect to pay around 1 US dollar per song for it to be legal, sometimes more.

3) Remember, this is still cheaper than buying  a physical copy of a CD from a shop, though you may have to be aware of licensing restricitons, such as
only being able to play music back on the machine for which it was purchased.
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