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Best music of the 80s? Best songs? You bet! But WHO says what songs are the best? Only you can decide if you think we defined the best 80s music selection on our stream that you can listen to right now.

Best selling? Best sounding? Most popular?

If we ask the question, what are the best songs of the 80s, we really need to clarify the question: of course it also depends exactly where in the world you are; even a total 80s music expert that comes from London would know, in parts a different 'section' of 80s hits to someone who grew up in New York; though the music charts, in the 80s just like today, in the US and Europe, were often similar, there are sometimes some amazing differences in the 80s songs the people in the US know to the ones that are well known in Europe.

Some 80s songs that were number one in the US were unheard of in the UK, and vice-versa! Rare, but it did happen.
We can debate for AGES about just what is the best music of the 80s - but of course everyone's opinion is different!
Ok, so you likely found this page after you looked for the best songs of the 80s, and you would be disapponted, wouldn't you if we didnt at least give you a list. So, really, what are the best songs from the 1980s?
Just to please you, here's a list, just for fun, and its ALL our opinion!
Best music of the 80s: How can we define the best music of the 80s?
We know you won't agree with all the songs on this list -- remember -- its only for fun since asking a question like 'What are the best songs of the 80s' is like the ol' how long is a piece of string question -- but we hope you agree with at least one or two of the choices. You may be surprised at some on the list -- these are basically songs we really love from the 80s -- they don't have to have been massive hits. I wonder how many you recognise and agree with?
80s Planet presents: a short list of the best songs of the 80s, (and why they are so good!)
  • Madonna - Like a Virgin (1984)

Why? Famous all over the world, one of the definitive 80s songs. Cheeky, sexy and yep, even Madonna was young once! If you were around at the time, you'll remember this as an MTV staple!

  • Michael Jackson - Thriller (1983)

Again definitive of an all-time best song from the 80s. Not just the much did they spend on that video? And what about the rest of the album, too -- just fantastic. Oh, and not just the King of Pop himself, but oooh the production -- one tidy package. Oh and the small matter of being, we think still, the best selling album ever.

  • Queen - I Want To Break Free (1984)

This one might surprise you. Its one of those that didn't really gel well in the US, but the UK audience loved it. Another really cheeky 80s song, with humor (sic) the Americans really didn't appreciate (men dressed up as women in the video didn't really help for starters...)
A fantastic tongue-in-cheek rock record that deserves a mention if for no other reason than it totally screwed up the commercial success of Queen on an entire continent. 80s Planet would like to play this and more great 80s Queen songs, but the American audience doesn't know half of them -- all because of this song!

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  • Tears for Fears - Head Over Heels (1985)

Should've said "Shout"?? Shout is great, but we love Head Over Heels. 80s 'New Wave' band Tears for Fears made a bunch of excellent records, but we like this one the best. Great melody, and its just another 80s love song, right? In fact, many of the songs from this album 'Songs From The Big Chair' made the shortlist to enter this list, but we just went for this one. Spine-tingler! Listen out for it on our 80s music stream

  • Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart (1980)

Its edgy, and really of its time. Without doubt a supreme 80s song. We love it!

  • The Outfield - Say It Isnt So (1985)

Play Deep was the album, and it also gave us the wonderful 'Your Love' They really sound like Men At Work, don't they?
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